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We take great pride in our ability to be your complete automotive service provider. We perform all of the following services within our facility. This is important, as it allows us to have complete control over the quality of service you and your vehicle receive.


Best Toronto Brakes Maintenance & Repair

You must be aware that a proper braking system is vital for the safety of a car, its passengers, and others on the road. Regular maintenance of the brakes enables you to drive risk free and safely.

One of the most important life saving components of a car are its brakes. Proper functioning of the brakes not only save the car and passengers, but also avoids damage to any other property or lives. At The Tire Source, we guarantee the perfect maintenance and servicing of the brakes of your car that gives you its complete command and control without fail.

Brakes are simple looking complicated systems that need regular care. Its important components consist of the brake pads, shoes, drums, rotors, and very importantly the brake fluid. The wear and tear caused whenever the brakes are applied, is minimized with the help of a good quality brake fluid. However, with time the brake fluid loses its magic and needs to be replaced. Thin worn out brakes shoes or pads might even damage the brake drum and rotors. The experts at The Tire Source inspect the entire breaking system for any leakages, shortcomings, and other issues that may lead to a malfunction.

Today most cars have the Automatic Braking Systems (ABS) in place that need more care with precision. You can trust the maintenance and servicing of all kinds of braking systems with The Tire Source, because it has the technological edge over its competitors.

Toronto’s Best Auto Suspension Checkups

A bad suspension system is responsible for a bumpy ride, and it could even lead to your car’s breakdown. The constant wear and tear of suspension and other related components require regular checkup.

The secret behind the comforting and smooth drive in your car is its well-maintained suspension. If  your ride becomes bumpy even on flat roads, and you start hearing squeaking and clunking noises from down below, or the car starts vibrating at high speeds – understand that it’s time to get the suspension checked up. Bring your car to The Tire Source, where trained and certified mechanics will scan your car for the source of the problems and fix them with the best appropriate remedy.

The suspension not only keeps the car’s body together and connected to the wheels, but also dampens the up and down movement when it rides on uneven surface. Though the suspension system is one of the sturdiest parts of a car, but it too suffers wear and tear, and can even breakdown if not serviced and maintained regularly. We have expert mechanics trained with the latest technology, who will check up the suspension alignment, and the suspension system components like shock absorbers, springs, and others for any wear, tear, cracks, or leaks.

Now you can confidently go for a comfortable ride, and sail smoothly on all kinds of roads with the healthy suspensions cured by the specialists at The Tire Source. Visit us once and feel the difference.


Preventative Car Maintenance – Best in Toronto

Regular overall maintenance and checkup of your car will prevent any serious and sudden damage to it. A little investment in time and money for preventive maintenance creates high resale value of a car.

It is not only wise, but also logical to say that prevention is better than cure. If we take regular care of all the parts of our car, it is unlikely to run bad. However, if we do not take preventive measures then one day the car will experience severe problems, whose cure may cost us lot of time and money. You can entrust your car to the expert mechanics at The Tire Source, who will carry out the extensive preventive maintenance, ensuring that your car remains in good running condition.

If and where necessary the preventive maintenance may include checking the battery, motor oil and other fluids, air pressure and condition of the tires, performance of brakes, refilling of the coolant and antifreeze, aligning the tires, replacing the air filter, and other maintenance jobs. All the mentioned tasks require efforts, time, and expertise to execute them with perfection to obtain the best results. The experts at The Tire Source do just that for your car, giving you the best value for your money.

Make a small investment in preventive maintenance and reap big dividends by prolonging the life, and increasing the resale value of your car.

Wheel Balance – Downtown Toronto – Best rates

The tire and rim of your car’s wheel need to be balanced. In case of a wheel misbalance, one experiences vibrations at high speed. Proper wheel balance saves the tires and facilitates a smooth ride.

The wheels and tires of your car are balanced with weights to give you a smooth riding experience. However, with time as the tire tread wears, this balance alters in-that it causes vibration and bounce in the tire when certain speeds are attained.  Our qualified technician at The Tire Source will balance the wheels of your car with a precision to fractions of a gram and mitigate the vibrations instantly.

Though it depends on the type of the car, generally, it would vibrate at speeds between 80 and 110 kph if the wheels were out-of-balance. The Tire Source has specialized machines for wheel balancing, where the wheel is mounted and made to spin to locate the heavier part. The technician balances the wheel by attaching a  weight on the opposite side of the heavier part. Even losing this balancing weight can be a probable cause of vibration of your car, though all tires gradually lose their balance with time.

Wheel balancing not only keeps the care vibration-free, but also increases the period of the life of tires and saves premature wearing of the steering and suspension components. Visit The Tire Source for all your wheel-balancing needs.

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